Unity Game and Gaming Development Course

Unity Game and Gaming Development Course

The only Unity course in the world that takes you out with a lucrative gaming portfolio that generates revenue and practical experience in a high-tech company

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Course duration

12 months

Facilitation format

Live Online

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Horizon Labs Unity track is the only one in the world that leaves you with both a profitable portfolioof games that generates revenue and workexperience in high-tech.
The track takes you from beginner to master’s level at Unity and takes you to a practical internship in the job market already during your studies.
The course is completed with a series of experience in the resume in a high-tech company.

An innovative model that generates income for you already during the course

Our Unity track is not just another gaming course. During the course you not only learn, but you build a portfolio of games that will be promoted for you on various gaming sites and generate revenue for you.
This is an innovative model that allows you to generate passive income from games already during the course and at the same time takes you to the job market in gaming and high-tech companies.

Who is it for?

1. Those with no background in the field who wish to be absorbed into the gaming industry
2. Those with a certain background in programming who wish to retrain to the field

Admission Requirements

1. Technological orientation
2. Availability for evening classes twice a week
3. Personal interview
4. Conformity Test

Course format

2 evening sessions per week
Meeting hours 17:30-21:00
Online facilitation


- PC with basic specifications of i5 processor and 8 GB of RAM
- Very basic English

Why study Unity?

Unity is at the heart of the booming gaming industry and serves as a building block and entry ticket into the field.
But many don’t know that Unity has long been used not only in the gaming industry – the powerful system is used in many industries such as:
AR, VR, medical, 3D modeling, interior design, gaming, metaverse, product management, engineering, security, education and more.
Learning Unity guarantees you many employment opportunities in high-tech and a guaranteed future in a profitable and growing market.

Is this profession right for you? We can advise.
Feel free to leave your details and we will arrange for a consultant to get back to you for a free consultation about the Unity Online course:

Generate gaming revenue during the course

We turn your learning into income. Unlike traditional studies, our training track includes building a portfolio of digital assets – your games.
Horizon maintains a network of gaming and gaming sites that enjoy thousands of visits per month, and your final projects will get access to those sites at no cost
And enjoy thousands of pairs of eyes that will be exposed to them and play with them every month and generate income for projects you already developed along the way.

Unfair advantage over other candidates

Imagine coming to an employer with a resume of a portfolio of games that generates revenue, practical experience in a high-tech company and professional software development certification.
This is after we have professionally prepared you for a job interview, broken up your resume and built you a magnificent portfolio. Do you understand your advantage?

Leaving for an internship during studies

As part of your studies, you will embark on a practical internship in a high-tech/gaming company. Leaving for an internship takes place already during the studies and not at the end of them.
The advantage of going on an internship during your studies is that you can return to the classroom and exchange experiences and impressions with the lecturer and your classmates.
You will find yourself in a high-tech company, working in a team and gaining real practical experience from the field – in less than a year from now.

Accompaniment by a professional mentor during the internship

In order not to arrive at a new employer gaping and “shocked”, during the internship you receive personal guidance from a professional mentor on our behalf
who accompanies you vis-à-vis your employer during the internship. The mentor is a team manager with years of experience, and thus you get a “soft landing” with your employer,
While the employer receives sharp personnel. This increases your chances of placement by tens of percent. There isn’t that anywhere else – check us out


The course’s curriculum includes theoretical studies, an overwhelming majority of practical experience and connection with colleagues and other officials from the same field

Intro to hook model gaming

10 hrs

Getting to know the Unity system

10 hrs

Programming in #C and Algorithms

75 hours

3D, 2D Development
& VR in Unity

80 hours

Work in Git and versioning

20 hrs

3D Modeling and ART Design

45 hours

and product management

35 hours

Game Design & Game Design

40 hrs

Monetization, revenue and marketing

15 hrs

Performance optimization and management

30 hrs
  • Attendance at 80% of meetings
  • Meeting course objectives
  • Successful completion of a final project

The course is taught online from the comfort of home, twice a week in the evenings alongside extra content delivered in recorded form.

Course participants will enjoy:

  • Entry into a closed community of graduates
  • Opportunity to be exposed to potential employers and placement partners of HorizonLabs
  • Learning videos and online courses go beyond the course content itself

Employment opportunities in the field

Unity experts can work in a variety of high-income jobs and industries, such as:

Data taken from current salary tables for 2023: Manpower Salary Table 2023 | Job Site Salary Table 2023 | JobInfo Salary Table 2023

What do you finish the course with?

Bag/Game Portfolio

Portfolio and games to be published on real gaming sites

A line in a resume

A line on your resume that you worked for a gaming company

Income-producing game assets

A lucrative gaming portfolio that generates you monthly passive income

Certificate of completion

Prestigious certification of:
Unity Game Developer

Network of connections

During Horizon Labs' Unity Online course, you will get to know and be exposed to colleagues and key people from the industry


No prior knowledge is required for the course, but suitability tests and interviews will be conducted.
Basic technical orientation is also required.
Preference will be given to those with a certain technical background.

The course lasts about 12 months, which also includes the practical specialization you embark on during the course

For the Unity development track, it is recommended to have the following minimum specifications:

  • i5 processor 8th generation and above
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • On Windows computers – a dedicated graphics card (not the basic one that comes with the computer)

As a rule, the course is delivered online.
Frontal training can be held for organizations, for this purpose you must contact us.

Why choose us?


Existing since 2016.
Operating in over 150 educational institutions and academic partners


Horizon teaches the highest technological edge of technology today


Studies at Horizon are work-oriented and placement-oriented.
You are not acquiring a course – you are acquiring a profession.

Personal Guidance

At Horizon, you're not just "thrown into the water." Even after the course, you continue to receive personal guidance from a professional mentor

Service that makes a difference

It's hard to explain in words, check us out.
Personal, friendly, professional service.

Promise - and deliver

Speaking passwords is easy—for Delaware it's a little harder.
We promise – and we know how to deliver.

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