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Why our method works

Horizon Labs’ method of study and placement is not only intended to provide you with knowledge, but to bring you to a thriving career in high-tech.
You will go through four stages with us:

At the beginning of the journey, you undergo a short screening process that includes a personal interview, a suitability test and a preparatory workshop. And the truth is that not everyone goes through our screening process. Because just like you want to succeed, it's important for us to know that the students who study with us are mature and want to succeed themselves.
In the second stage, you will be accepted into a training course that lasts several months. In the track you will learn from the best lecturers and practice Hands On the latest and most innovative topics in the field. During the studies, you quickly see who is serious and comes to practice and work. And we put them out to:
Practical internship
As part of the track, you will embark on a practical internship at a high-tech company in your chosen field of study. The internship will be accompanied by a personal mentor on our behalf who will help you get hired and actually work for your employer, and you will begin to gain practical experience in the field
After completing your studies and massage, we train you optimally for job interviews, sharpen your resume, prepare your portfolio and start assigning you to interviews with potential employers in cooperation with you

Our advantages


The reality is that in most colleges you only purchase a course. But courses can be found cheaply on the Internet. At Horizon you acquire a profession, a practical internship, and accompaniment to the door to placement in high-tech. It's a significant shortcut


Putting you on a practical internship in high-tech companies is not wise. To make sure you succeed and persevere there - it does. That's why Horizon pairs you with a personal professional mentor who accompanies you throughout the internship and job placement stage


From the moment you decide you want to work in high-tech until it actually happens, it can take a long time. Horizon Labs helps you shorten this time by an average of 4 years (the time it takes to finish a degree and find a job) to around this year


You learn from a team of experts with more than 50 years of accumulated experience in the worlds of training and placement for high-tech with a background in the newest and most up-to-date fields of knowledge. We are the horizon for your career in high-tech

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Our alumni testimonials

You will hear from their words what they say:


I came here to learn the software and find work in the field, and in the end it turned out that I met my partner here and today we run a startup together with revenue already



I was at a stage where I wanted to convert to a more technical field and I was looking for a quick shortcut instead of doing a degree now. I came to Horizon and after a short course they helped me find a job as a technical support



Already during the course I found a job as a developer. The lecturer connected me to a gaming startup he knows and to this day I work there. Cannon lecturer and in general I made a good choice when I came here


We are in academia


It depends on the course.
Some of the courses do require previous experience or background as part of the prerequisites of the course.
For the most part, professional acquisition courses (such as QA, Full Stack, or Gaming Development) do not require prior background in the field.

For most courses, it is first necessary to pass a personal interview and a suitability test that includes two parts: an English test and a logical reasoning test.

For courses for which previous experience/background is required, an up-to-date resume file must also be submitted.

Undoubtedly. Not only do we help, but we are the only body in Israel that sends you a professional mentor from the industry who accompanies you during your work time! No other college in Israel does anything similar.
One of the reasons employers don’t hire juniors is not because they don’t believe in them, they know there are talented juniors. It’s just the long training time that wears them out.
This is why more than 70% of junior names in Israel do not last more than 3 months – one of the parties (employer or employee) breaks down and gives up.
This is why we have developed an innovative model in which the employer welcomes you as a junior accompanied by a professional mentor who “gets you into things” in an easy way, while you enjoy the personal and enveloping attention that you so desperately need at the beginning of your journey with the employer in order to ensure a successful placement.

It is important to note that not all of our courses offer placement as some of the courses are for enrichment or are intended for employees of organizations that are already working.
You may want to talk to us about it.

Yes. Each track offers a different trial period depending on the type of track, its target audience, and its field.
But as a general rule, most of our plans offer a trial period to make sure you’re in the right place for you.

Most of the tracks are delivered in an online or hybrid format.
For organizations – you can contact us and conduct face-to-face training.

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