AI-powered project management

AI-powered project management

New Age Practical Project Management Course – Project Management Using Artificial Intelligence.
Join groundbreaking managers who manage organizational projects with many times greater efficiency and tens of percent savings in resources and operations using AI tools

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Course duration

3.5 months

Facilitation format

Live Online

On track

Elevate your project management skills with Horizon Labs
most comprehensive and in-depth course, which will teach you how to integrate AI into
your project management.
Project management is a long process consisting of many types of information and different sources of information (human capital, budgets, technologies, tools, goals and more)
And therefore there are many points to “fall into”. In the course, we will learn about tools, methods and methodologies that use artificial intelligence tools that will help
You can “eliminate” many of the blind spots and bottlenecks in your project management and drastically improve
The conduct of the parties involved in the project, monitoring progress and reaching goals while significantly saving resources

Who is an artificial intelligence course in marketing suitable for?

Who is it for?

- Beginning project managers
- Experienced project managers interested in learning about AI solutions for project management

Admission Requirements

- Relevant experience/background
- Personal telephone interview
- In some cases we will ask for a resume

Course format

14 evening sessions
One session per week
Meeting hours 17:30-21:00
Online/in-person format


1. Home computer and stable internet connection
2. Camera, speakers and microphone

Why learn about AI in project management?

Artificial intelligence is the biggest technological leap in project management, and it is already fundamentally changing the entire industry.
Processes that used to take days and hours to perform or measure, can now take only a few minutes. That’s a fact. The impact on project management is drastic.
You probably still manage projects with Excel files, emails, systems, calendars, budgets and people of the existing industry standard,
While today there are AI-based solutions that can reduce operational/financial resources and execution time by up to 80%.

Is AI project management right for you or your organization? We can advise.
Feel free to leave your details and we will arrange for an expert to get back to you for a consultation:

Cut project time and resources by up to 80%

Artificial intelligence in project management enables process optimization and more efficient and smart resource allocation, allowing us to save time
and resources and streamline the management of the entire process. The course provides knowledge in the field of project management with innovative technologies for successfully coping with various project processes.

Business-competitive advantage

Incorporating AI technologies into your project management will allow you to collect, organize and analyze information more efficiently, bring a product to market or an internal department in shorter periods of time, and manage processes in an easy way that will turn you into an architect who manages the project rather than works in it

Among the topics covered in the course

Project management from A to Z

Using AI to bring your project to life


The course’s curriculum includes theoretical studies, an overwhelming majority of practical experience and connection with colleagues and other officials from the same field

Introduction to project management

5 hrs

Tools, methods and methodologies

25 hrs

Proven work models

10 hrs

Using artificial intelligence

20 hrs

Practical final project

10 hrs
  • Attendance at 80% of meetings
  • Meeting course objectives
  • Successful completion of a final project

The course is taught online from the comfort of home, twice a week in the evenings alongside extra content delivered in recorded form.

Course participants will enjoy:

  • Entry into a closed community of graduates
  • Opportunity to be exposed to potential employers and placement partners of HorizonLabs
  • Learning videos and online courses go beyond the course content itself

How much your income will increase

Those who master AI tools will not only open up to additional business and employment opportunities, but will also benefit more from the sting.
Here’s how much you’re likely to
to your monthly income with your new AI skills:

Data taken from current salary tables for 2023: Manpower Salary Table 2023 | Job Site Salary Table 2023 | JobInfo Salary Table 2023

What do you finish the course with?


Complete AI-powered portfolio

Honed AI skills

Become the AI expert in your environment

Certificate of completion

HorizonLabs Certification

Network of connections

Meet colleagues and industry executives


No prior knowledge is required for the course, but suitability tests and interviews will be conducted.
Basic technical orientation is also required.
Preference will be given to those with a background in the field.

You can also get details about the General
AI Master course
without any previous background required.

The course lasts about 3.5 months

As a rule, the course is delivered online

Why choose us?


Existing since 2016.
Operating in over 150 educational institutions and academic partners


Horizon teaches the highest technological edge of technology today


Studies at Horizon are work-oriented and placement-oriented.
You are not acquiring a course – you are acquiring a profession.

Personal Guidance

At Horizon, you're not just "thrown into the water." Even after the course, you continue to receive personal guidance from a professional mentor

Service that makes a difference

It's hard to explain in words, check us out.
Personal, friendly, professional service.

Promise - and deliver

Speaking passwords is easy—for Delaware it's a little harder.
We promise – and we know how to deliver.

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