Artificial intelligence in education and teaching

Artificial intelligence in education and teaching

How is AI used in education and the classroom?
The comprehensive course in Israel that will teach you educational pedagogy using AI and practical uses – not theory – how to use these tools in the classroom in an easy and systematic way that will save you up to 80% of your time on repetitive tasks.

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Academic hours

40 hrs

Number of meetings

10 sessions

Artificial intelligence in education

Artificial intelligence is nothing short of a revolution in the world of education.
Artificial intelligence enables teachers to tackle more challenges, increase their efficiency, and deepen their impact on students.
Familiarity with artificial intelligence is not only a tool to enhance our educational ability, but also an opportunity for professional upgrading and expansion of the skill set for any teacher who wants to remain relevant and resilient to future changes.
The world is changing, and we must change with it. Join us and discover how you can turn this spectacular technology into a powerful educational tool.

Who is it for?

- Teachers, lecturers and instructors
- Principals, supervisors and education workers
- Teaching assistants and supporters
- Pedagogy and academic staff
- Informal education workers

Admission Requirements

1. Any teaching/instructional background
2. Send CV
3. Personal interview

Course format

- 10 evening sessions
- 1 session per week
- Meeting hours 17:30-20:45
- Online/in-person format


- PC/laptop with at least i3 processor and at least 8GB RAM
- Intermediate English (mainly comprehension of words)

Why study AI as an educator?

Implementing tools and using artificial intelligence will drastically improve your quality of life, productivity, and the quality of your teaching.
The time it takes you to do peripheral work (outside the classroom) – such as creating papers, taking tests, writing feedback, and conceiving activities – will be reduced by 80-90%
From hours and days to minutes, imagine being able to test an entire class in less than 20 minutes.
You will also become a better teacher with the ability to produce high-quality academic-level content, lesson plans and learning processes in a short period of time.
This is no longer an “upgrade”, but a real revolution that will leave you with a lot of free time in the day, and turn you into a better quality educator.

So how does it work? You can talk to an expert first and find out.
Feel free to leave your details and we will get back to you:

Artificial intelligence in education

About the course itself:

Curriculum (syllabus)

The course consists mostly of practical parts Hands On and consists mainly of practice.
Here are the 5 learning chapters that make up the course:

Introduction to AI and intelligence types
8 hrs
Pedagogical Tools for Education and Teaching
12 hrs
Teacher productivity with AI
8 hrs
Pedagogy with AI in the classroom
8 hrs
Institutional "AI Trust" Training
4 hrs

From the study topics:

Introduction to AI

Teacher productivity

AI pedagogy in the classroom

  • Attendance at 80% of meetings
  • Meeting course objectives
  • Successful completion of a final project

Course instruction is carried out in person or online according to the course schedule and the training partner.

Course participants will enjoy:

  • Entry into a closed community of graduates
  • Learning videos and online courses go beyond the course content itself

What do you finish the course with?


Several projects where you can show how you have successfully implemented AI solutions

Network of connections

During the course you will be exposed to colleagues and key people from the industry

Certificate of completion

Final certificate of the course "AI Trust in Education" from Horizon Labs


Access to view and study additional recorded sequel content on behalf of the college

Solid knowledge of artificial intelligence

You'll have an entire arsenal of AI solutions for every situation


The AI implementation course for organizations requires previous technical experience, working with technological systems and a basic understanding of concepts from the IT world.

It is recommended to contact a consultant for a suitability check and a more detailed explanation.

The course lasts about 5-6 months depending on holidays and special occasions

For this course, there is no need for a computer that is too powerful (basic specifications include an i5 processor and a working memory of 8 GB RAM)

As a rule, the course is delivered online.
Frontal training can be held for organizations, for this purpose you must contact us.

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