AI Solutions Implementation Course for Organizations

AI Solutions Implementation Course for Organizations

A comprehensive and professional course that provides comprehensive training on the implementation of AI / BI solutions for organizations and businesses

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Academic hours

100 hours

Number of meetings

24 sessions

About AI Assimilator Course

Today, there is no business, government or organizational entity that is not examining the possibility of implementing solutions and processes at the core of its ongoing operations.
Horizon Labs’
AI Implementation for Organizations course, you are going to learn how to implement AI-based solutions for your organization or business, in a complete process from A to Z from the characterization stage,
Identification of organizational processes that can be improved and optimized using AI, planning the implementation process, performing the actual implementation (technical work), and performing tests and feedback.
The course prepares for a new profession called AI assimilator.

Who is it for?

CIOs and IT professionals
BI Integrators
Technically oriented
System characteristics

Admission Requirements

1. Pronounced technological orientation
2. Experience/background in assimilation or characterization of systems

Course format

20 evening sessions
One session per week
Meeting hours 17:30-21:30
Online/in-person format


- Personal interview
- Send CV

Why learn to be an AI implementer?

The AI revolution has led to the introduction of generative AI tools into our lives.
The technology is still considered early and still in its infancy, but is already generating great interest among organizations, businesses, industries and governments around the world.
AI assimilator is a necessary profession with a future for many years to come that will serve many organizations and businesses around the world.
This is the profession of the future.

Is this profession right for you? It is recommended to talk to an occupational-academic counselor first and find out.
Feel free to leave your details and we will get a consultant back to you:

Employment opportunities in the field

Data taken from current salary tables for 2023: Manpower Salary Table 2023 | Job Site Salary Table 2023 | JobInfo Salary Table 2023

Curriculum (syllabus)

The course’s curriculum includes theoretical studies, an overwhelming majority of practical experience and connection with colleagues and other officials from the same field

Introduction to AI and intelligence types

70 hours

Models and automations

70 hours

Enterprise AI and APIs

70 hours

Training and accuracy of models

70 hours

Accessibility and ongoing maintenance

70 hours






Types of models in artificial intelligence

Familiarity with the main types of models (computer vision, feed forward, regression, etc.)



Planning and managing AI projects

Visual characterization of project implementation, including stages, allocation of roles and resources, risk assessment and time management and communication + project, characterization of internal organizational processes that can be improved using AI and their breakdown into factors



AI-integrated automations

Connecting automation processes using internal and external systems (such as Zapier) for easy implementation of AI-based solutions.



Open source LLM’s

Familiarity with open source language models that can be implemented internally at no cost


Other AI models

  • Predication (prediction)
  • Computer vision
  • CNN’s



Development of internal APIs

Accessibility of internal organizational language models by developing APIs for the various departments in the organization from the AI as a service concept. Characterization, planning, construction and accessibility

of internal APIs and granting access and permissions to various departments as needed



Implementing In-House Chatbots

Quickly implement trained chatbots on internal company data

  • Training VS vector database
  • Tokens, chunks and



Using LangChain

Chaining of promotes, language models and triggers using the LangChain mechanism (similar to the familiar Langchain mechanism – “AutoGPT”)



Teachable Machines

Methods of cataloging, training and deep learning of data sets using NOCODE technologies including Google & Amazon teachable machines



Artificial intelligence for communication management

Artificial intelligence in team communication and collaboration; Familiarity with AI bots for communication (e.g., summarize,

, etc.)



Maintenance of AI applications

Methods for constantly monitoring and adapting AI systems after implementation, maintenance, updating and support of all enterprise endpoints.


  • Attendance at 80% of meetings
  • Meeting course objectives
  • Successful completion of a final project

Course instruction is carried out in person or online according to the course schedule and the training partner.

Course participants will enjoy:

  • Entry into a closed community of graduates
  • Opportunity to be exposed to potential employers and placement partners of HorizonLabs
  • Learning videos and online courses go beyond the course content itself

What do you finish the course with?


Several projects where you can show how you have successfully implemented AI solutions

Network of connections

During the course you will be exposed to colleagues and key people from the industry

Certificate of completion

Final certificate of the "AI Implementer" course by Horizon Labs and its academic partners


Access to view and study additional recorded sequel content on behalf of the college

Solid knowledge of artificial intelligence

You'll have an entire arsenal of AI solutions for every situation


The AI implementation course for organizations requires previous technical experience, working with technological systems and a basic understanding of concepts from the IT world.

It is recommended to contact a consultant for a suitability check and a more detailed explanation.

And you can also get information about
the AI Master course for beginners

The course lasts about 5-6 months depending on holidays and special occasions

For this course, there is no need for a computer that is too powerful (basic specifications include an i5 processor and a working memory of 8 GB RAM)

As a rule, the course is delivered online.
Frontal training can be held for organizations, for this purpose you must contact us.

Why choose us?


Existing since 2016.
Operating in over 150 educational institutions and academic partners


Horizon teaches the highest technological edge of technology today


Studies at Horizon are work-oriented and placement-oriented.
You are not acquiring a course – you are acquiring a profession.

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